John O’Connell Re-Appointed To National Board
August 7, 2012
Mike Byrne Elected To Hibernian Charity Board
August 7, 2012

Nassau County Webmaster Joe McDonald was appointed to the National Board by President Brendan Moore to the position of National Webmaster.

McDonald is currently the President of the Mike Moran Division 8 in Glen Cove, NY. A Hibernian since 2007, he also holds the positions of National Online Editor of the Hibernian Digest, New York State Webmaster, Nassau County Publicity Director and Webmaster. A reporter for Fox Sports, covering the New York Mets, McDonald also owns his sports publishing company, Sportsday Publishing and web design firm Damocles Designs. He currently lives in West Hempstead, NY with his wife Liz and daughter Jamie.

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